Hold onto your hat!  Change is here, Life feels a bit like going down a ski slope that’s a bit out of my league, just barely staying on my feet as the trees speed by and the slope falls away.

Technology in general makes me feel that.  It is always changing — the change is the constant, so you can never know if what you know is still true, and yet what else is there to do but forge ahead?

As a high school librarian, it behooves me to know where to find information, to be able to point the way, even if I don’t exactly know what is around the corner.  My school has a week in the spring when all of the students focus in on something instead of attending regular classes.  Many will travel, hike, camp, or make things.  A colleague and I are going to work with students to have them create their own web presence — starting with a blog, a video and an infographic.   We talk a bit about Digital Citizenship, and so much is the world of don’ts and bewares, but there is a positive side to putting your best face out there — and that is what we want to promote and cultivate with our students.

Here I am trying first to figure some of this out  — What better way to learn something than to teach it!    But the catch is you have to stay ahead of your students, just a bit.  So here I am.

Today, I started my WordPress blog — something I have not done before.  I have registered for the WordPress  How to Blog online course, and I am hoping that I can get a good head start of this, before I start working with my students.  My plan is to learn and keep learning.  And when it all looks unfamiliar hope that there is a guidepost someplace close by to point me to the next step.

About me:  I am a librarian, so loving to read is sort of a given.  When I am not reading, I garden, crochet, commune with my cat, and dance with my husband.
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